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It would be cool to have armor stands and weapon racks to display the sets you've collected
We will know more tomorrow



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When is it coming to consoles?
The only things I have seen that I don't like, on the first review in the PTS is the nothing in the house is functional like your house in Skyrim was. You can't build crafting stations. You can't store things in trunks, chests or bags. The one cool thing I saw is you can turn off the lights, blow out the candles and put out the fire in a fireplace to darken the house.
How does one start a fire in the fireplace in your house?
I read through the tutorial and there is a section that says.
"Players may also acquire and place functional furnishings such as crafting stations, target dummies and more."
It would be great if more than one person had the ability to place items in the house. Right now I have to mail everything i get to my husband so he can place them and then I can decorate with them. A bit of a pain. Storage would be nice as well.
You could he just has to give you permission using the in game menu
Anyone know where I can farm/find the Hircines sacrifice altar furniture recipe? Please? Been searching everywhere for it...