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Better strategy please
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eat them
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Torture the baby mushrooms, slowly, to extract the maximum amounts of souls.
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Not very much written here. Add a few more sentences atleast, there's so mushroom.
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Is there any truth in the claim that while part of the Forest Hunter covenant, you will be considered a traitor or punished for harming them?
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By kittehoverlord
The information I sought was found on the Forest Hunter covenant page.
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One puuunnnnnccccchhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
By Znegative1988
It was funny but made me feel a little bit cruel killing the baby ones. After hitting them they'd start running away and I'd have to chase them down and run them through with my halberd. The big ones though you got to be careful with, though they're fairly easy to beat. Using a longer weapon helps, I just would attack 2x then back pedal when the wind up animation started and wait for both punches till hitting again.
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God i have never killed the baby ones they're so cute
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Does anybody know why there’s a sound everytime you kill a baby mushroom?
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I assume it is the sound of you being an awful monster. Or their death cry. You monster.
By Anonymous
It's your soul being dragged to hell.
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because the game wants you to know how much of an ****** you are
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Baby Mushroom is only worth 50 souls and is completely passive unless you hit them first. Its' really not worth hitting them at all. Also they're adorable.
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The baby mushrooms in The Great Hollow will attack you on site.
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Ok, we can hit the ones in the tree, just not the ones in the Forrest. k?
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not worth hitting... except for the fact that they give you Gold Pine Resins and have a pretty high likelyhood of doing so
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I beat the dlc before encountering the large mushrooms. They just stood still, never attacking me (both in the Forest and the bottom of the Hollow). The small ones still attacked, so I’m not sure if it’s the result of a glitch or Elizabeth
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I may be wrong, but I think they aggro only if you attack them or their kids first.