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No use in New Londo, the ghosts reacts to you regardless of the ring.
does it make running past the anor londo archers easier?
Seems to decrease the range at which they begin shooting at you.
Yes, but not by much
It allows you to get all the way up the ramp and close the distance a bit more before they shoot at you, making that area basically a non-issue
It decreases the range...You get a little extra time both for the straight-up sprint and for the various cheese methods (poison arrows, sniping...)
Do buff indicators like the green lines from cloranthy ring ruin this at all?
It kinda does. They can still see the green lines, yes.
Do you mean against other players, or PvE? In terms of PvE, buff effects do not appear to reduce the effectiveness of this ring.
The note about the using it in The Catacombs is a bit off, the floating skulls will still explode if you get REALLY close (like practically touching them).



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Lesson to be learned? Don't tempt fate.


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Ring of Fog + Slumbering Dragoncrest Ring = undetectable? LIES!!! Using both rings only make the detection range decrease, but depends of the enemy. The hollow soldiers at Undead Burg will only see you if you are in front of them and less than 10 meters afar. The floating skulls in the Catacombs can't detect you, but there is like only 6 of them in that entire place. For all the other enemies in the gardens, catacombs, anor londo, blighttown and more, it will only decrease the detection by a very small value AND if the enemy is on its back. Very disappointing...
Lol. This is much more useful in Pvp as oppose on what you are saying.
It's actually my favourite ring combo, because it allows me to play MUCH more recklessly without being attacked by enemies. If I'm running through an area, I can do it without ever being hit. By the time an enemy notices me and tries to attack, I'm already out of range. I swap out whenever I'm facing a boss, players, or for environmental reasons, but it it generally makes the game a lot easier if you have a DEX build.


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The note at the end about the Pursuers spell has a typo, is incorrectly spelled "Pursurers" & doesn't link to the actual Pursuers page. Can't find the edit button but someone should probably fix that if possible.
It's still not fixed :/


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Okay, it's done now.
If someone's interested, this ring also makes your dark hand invisible. This includes the shield mode, so it'll look like you deflect hits with your bare hand. Besides, it may also help to trick other players, since there will be no way to tell that you have dark hand equipped. It DOESN'T make succ invisible, however. Have no idea if this will work in remaster, but it surely does in non-remastered version on PC. Can someone try this in remastered version?
It does that in remastered too. Shield mode is invisible, and the dark hand entirely for that matter. It looks like you have nothing equipped. Succ is still visible.


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Helps a lot against Nito. If you stick to a small area you can prevent any of the skeletons from seeing you
Or just get a divine weapon and kill the first three skeletons and don't move backwards so you don't agro the giants
Its helpful for getting close to hydras, as it decreases the range at quick they notice you, and by then you are usually close enough for the water bolt attacks to go over you.
killing the hydra is already easy as it is, esp if you have kindling if youre not good at dodging