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Also casting a regeneration spell such as replenishment or resplendent life on yourself will nullify denial's effect
I used denial then rested at the bon fire and got a denial back and still with the effect of the first one. Try it and tell me
That's basic thingy. You can also use Flame Weapon, then rest at a bonfire to restore casts while the Flame Weapon is still in effect.

Or maybe I misunderstood you.
I can't attune denial on my bonfire, is there à reason?
You need three empty slots for it.
Absolutely amazing miracle in the later game when bosses deal one hit kills. Basically doubles your chances.
I was about to ask what bosses deal one hit kills, the I remembered I'm a tank and damage is alien to me :p
Vendrick and the Ancient Dragon
Also worth noting that this spell does NOT save you from the damage caused by the Abyss Seal (tested on PS4 SotFS)



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WARNING: If denial runs out at the same time it activates, the visual effect will take place, but you will still die as normal. (Happened to me in the Old Chaos)
"Consuming Green Blossom cansels the effect." Who let the nine year old edit the page?



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rather impractical when the enemy kills you on the second of a 3-hit attack