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This think has pretty High counter Damage
Goes great with the double nuke for. 1 shooting Pursuer lol
i want that swod
mii 2
Using this with the regular smelter sword creates a flaming magic explosion. Also kinda looks like the Material Sword from Tales of Symphonia when you powerstance them.
Dude I literally beat the blue smelter demon and he gave me the smelter demon sword after I defeated the red one and made that sword. What did I do wrong? I beat the blue one, went and fought the fume knight and died at least 10 times, beat him, went to ornifex and made the smelter sword again for I'd thought it would be the same name but just look different
It's the same name, you need to look beside the smelter demon sword and look at the stats, if It scales with Int It's the correct weapon
Finally a boss weapon worth having. This thing has a great move-set and is quite fast for a greatsword. Great for swiping at large packs of enemies. It's also surprisingly good for locking down tougher enemies, with great poise damage potential. It's dead-angling is excellent and hits things you thought were out of range.

So worth the struggle to get this bad-boy. Loving it!
"Quite fast for a greatsword" except its an ultra greatsword and is the same speed as the other ultra greatswords
Power stance two of these bad boys and you can even stagger some large bosses. Tested it on Smelter Demon, Fume Knight, Ivory King and Glass Knight. Doesn't happen very often though
dude... i have this weapon and is TOO COOL!!!
well for anyone wondering u can get either sword from either soul u just have to go to ornifex for blue straid for normal
They both drop the same souls BUT you dont unlock acces to the aged one untill you kill the blue smelter demon souls (citation needed)
Probably the dopest looking weapon in any souls game