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What is the theoretical max to this? Armor and buffs included
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I don't know, but maybe someone should add it to the LIST.
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yeah. 323 max. and still there is 348 in the table above. u are fkin GENIUS bro
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in 2016, someone had a question
in 2018, there was not even an answer, but a half *** response
in 2022, a terse, possibly ill-researched answer, ive no idea
one month later, nearly to the hour, a snarky, dimly helpful (maybe?) response
now, in 2023, i see this exchange, stretched out over years; no participant in this conversation has ever read a response, and likely never thought twice about it
i certainly wont revisit this ever again

dark souls? messages scrawled in the dirt, with no hope of reply, stretched out across time
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previous commenter - i had better line breaks the wiki killed. if youre even reading this at all, congrats, youre staring at graffiti in pompeii's toilet
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I caught autism reading Jan 16th reply
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If everyone is too ignorant to understand how this site works allow me to enlighten you

The community posts their knowledge about whatever the wiki is
And one of the purposes of the comment section is for ppl to post questions like the one above and even if the OP doesn't ever see a reply then there's a good chance someone else will and find use of the information
Being so ignorant must be painful.
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Does dex increase casting speed like in DS1?
By Anonymous
No. Attuenment does in DS2.