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I had used them for soul farming, after Anor Lando turned black.
I skipped this area using the elevator skip, but then I realized that I need the miracles that drop from the 'pisacas'. I returned and turned on the sound but the doors won't open?
I’m fairly certain you can’t break into that prison; you only get put in there when Seath kills you the first time, so perhaps get die to Seath? The key to the door is inside it, so you can’t get in otherwise
Bloodborne anyone?
They are good, cause u can both farm souls and humanities from them
I'm surprised them dropping humanities isn't mentioned on this page
Tf is seath doing to make this happen?
Seath, I misjudged you. You're blind, crippled AND a pervert.
Poor things, I wish there was a way to help them.
Only way to help them at this point is put them out of their misery
The two pisacas are probably innocent women trapped (or transformed?) in this hideous body
All the pisacas are probably innocent women tranformed by Seaths`s experiments. Those two were probably the last ones to be transformed and still had some consciousness left.
Well that explains the weird two-tails, and human like size.
they share the same appearance and name with the Berserk creatures in the Kushan arc (called pishachas i think
Not the apearance but deffinetly the name
The noise they make when they die is definitely used in Bloodborne. I'm not entirely sure what makes the same noise, but that asset was reused in Bloodborne, I'm certain. Somebody PLEASE confirm.
The ravens sound like that upon death.
I'm going to have to check that out. I know they recycle since the banshees in New Londo Ruins make the same scream as the Bound Widows in Cainhurst Castle.