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Hi! I've finished DS2 like 10 times, but i've been avoiding PVP (well, not exactly, i've been playing on X360 and i didn't have XBOX Live Gold). Now i'm fighting on arena and invading other worlds. I have few questions about PVP in DS2:
1. Does Soul Level and Soul Memory affect PVP? If yes, then how?
2. Is there any way to decrease lags?
3. How NG+ affect invading and arena?
4. Can i check my level in Brotherhood of Blood?
5. Does amount of souls which host have when i kill him decides on my reward?



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1. Soul memory. Look it up on the wiki, it's got all the answers you need.
2. When I PvP I prefer to keep my matchmaking set to local, it seems to help.
3. Arena is unaffected by any NG+ cycle or soul memory level.
4. Cat lady in Majula
5. I think you gain souls based on what soul level the host is that you killed