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Atleast Its Better Than Bed Of Chaos
He actually has another attack I don't see too often where he slams down just one of his machetes. Would be great if someone's added that.
Fighting the minor Capra Demons in an open area goes to show that the boss could have been fun
I'm sure the guy who created some DS2 bosses was responsible for this fight
would love the boss fight if it wasn't for the dogs, don't know why they thought it was necessary to add dogs
I actually have an archer strategy. while using the thin stone walkway, you can get him to jump at you with your shield up, then switch to your bow and fire roughly 5 times before you need your shield again. Repeat until he's dead.
After entering the room, pass him from his left with a roll and get up the stairs. Use that to kill the dogs and get down to make some distance and heal yourself if necessary. After that I fought him like normaly: I blocked all horizontal attacks and dodged the vertical ones. If you learn the timing, you can dodge towards him when he uses the manchete slam, creating a window to attack him one or two times. I was using the pyro clothes with grass crest shield +3 amd longsword +5. My rings were the wolf and the blue tear ones.
Sorry, when I said "left", I wanted to say "right".