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This guy is easy in NG, but turns fiendish hard in NG+. I died to him a dozen times before I had an epiphany: Just drop Tranquil Walk of Peace (req 18 Faith) right outside the fog gate before going in. The dogs will slow right down like they had a bowlful of valium.
Bro, same here. I have 1 shorted him on two separate occasions on NG. But on NG+, ugh. I managed to be him using the Iron Flesh method until the dogs were dead from 2 swings from my +15 Claymore. The he's business as usual.
Bro, same here. I have always been able to one shot him on NG, but on NG+ he's a nightmare. Took me a dozen tries until I realized I needed to use iron flesh until the doggies were dead. Then it's business as usual.
Stragegy nr 4 is perfect, but poorly described. Here's the link to a video Honestly, this is a*****e designed fight. I didn't feel bad cheesing him at all.


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I found out that Aural Decoy works great on the boss's little minions.
Worst boss in the entire game. It isn't well designed or challenging, it's a boss fight in an arena the size of my bad but this isn't great. It's a lazy concept at best...
I can't even reach the stairs they keep surrounding me and I can't roll or get am I suppose to do ? Last time I beat it bc a phantom sacrificed himself...I lost 30 humanities...This is truly the worst boss design I have ever seen as there is no "strategy" it's all up to the rng. I hope the devs who made this get cancer.
the whole point of this fight is crow control, if you can just get one competent phantom you can easily separate the dogs from capra demon, once you have done that it is all about patience. if you do it alone you need to rush the dogs, dodge like hell and then back to the patience part. the reason the dogs are there is because capra on its own is actually a regular enemy a little later in the game
With a squishy build, I can maybe get to the stair alive once out of 10. Doesn't matter what I try, dogs can decide to jump me right before the boss hit and it's game over no matter what. Totally RNG and bull*****
Relatable af. I hated this boss. Suggestion- roll into the arena as soon as you are walking through the fog gate and as soon as you get your *** in there and kill the dogs. Also his attacks are blockable by shield. But for me it was about getting those dogs dead and paying attention to his moves. The stairs only worked for seperating him from the dogs but I fought his *** on the ground. Cheesing this is unlikely. So basically git gud (but nicer)
Git gud
This is literally the first time I've consecutively died more than 5-6 times in one spot on my initial playthrough. So much that I'm now here reading this before I throw my Switch at this things goat head. That is all.


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Am i the only one who skips him until i beat anor londo, because he is much easier?
Why even fight him at that point?
I love reading the rage on this boss, until people realize it's entirely optional
Its only optional if you chose the master key or thief start. Otherwise its very much mandatory
I chose the old witch's ring for dialogue with the daughter of chaos, so in my passthrough it's mandatory.
Wait really?!
I don't know why, but I think Capra Demon is so god damn hot. Like, I'm not a furry or anything and I don't normally find fictional characters attractive. But just something about him drives me mad. His body shape is mwuah so perfect and his arms are muscular but not overly big. Maybe it makes me a creep or something but everytime I go to fight him in the game I get all flustered and bothered. It's weird, I dunno. Is anyone else kind of attracted to Capra? Please don't tell me I'm alone..
u dindt say "no homo" at the end are u ok?
Teratophilia, my friend. ;) Welcome.


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get this comment to the top
that was disgusting to read, please never say something like that again
No homo, but yeah totally.
Same with Taurus amiright.
some people not realize girls play DS as well?
Guys come on centipede demon is WAY more attractive.