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You were way ahead of your time fren


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Is this considered a unique weapon? Inflating summon range I mean? (Remastered PS4)
i want to know too
Yes it does inflate your summon. I went for a fast Quelag and picked up the catalyst. While in the undead burg (lvl 4 and no upgrades) I was invaded by a naked girl with a Black Knight Halberd and got my *** handed. I did fight back tho. So yea, it does inflate although you can upgrade catalysts in this game.
No it doesn't. I picked it up early like everyone else and have no problem doing co-op in undead burg.
Even if it did, unique weapons only bring you to +5, which can still match with +0, but it isn't unique. The Black Knight Halberd is +5 unupgraded so it could match with anyone in Undead Burg.
This weapon can be used for melee-magic build
It's always fun to fight someone with spells then suddenly bean them with your staff
Tried using this with dark sorceries on my 40 DEX / 16 INT build, and it did considerably less damage than the Oolacile Ivory Catalyst. Believe this would only start being useful at 30 or more int on a hybrid build. Ah well :/
OIC caps at 12 int but is the strongest for low int chars (up until 22, then manus becomes stronger, after 27 go with sorcerer/izalith/beatrice for max dmg)
Pretty good early game weapon to grab if you play a sorcerer
I have the tin banishment catalyst and I can't make it do any attacks. Any time it try to do an attack, my character just stands there and looks at it. I meet the required parameters so I don't know what I'm doing wrong. Please help!
You gotta rest at a bonfire, then select attune magic then pick a spell to equip.
Have you tried pressing the strong attack button? That triggers the catalyst jab, deals pretty nifty physical damage for a catalyst.
Now for my strongest spell: POINTY STICK ATTACK
Perfect early game weapon for a "pure mage" playthru. Its poke is stout in early game, once you get the LVessel you can get the fire sage stave which does much better