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Best armor in the game
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Looks like you got the images for the gauntlets & leggings wrong.
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Anybody equipped this for fighting the last boss?
By Anonymous
Yep, this and black knight shield and black knight sword, BLACK IRON TARKUS
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Great armor overall nice resistances and it takes twinkling titanite to max it. Only drawback for me is that i have to sacrifice a ring slot for havels ring.
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I'm so glad that armour actually works well in DS1 and the remaster. where as DS3 armour will maybe take 20 percent dmg away.

a good way to show yourself that this is true is to put on Ingward's sets then get caught in man eater crabs chew on you move. Then where something like Havel's set and get chewed on to see the difference.
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Tarkus is god
By Anonymous
No he is a pusssy cuz he fall to death on anal londo
By DemonsSoulsMaster
He soloed the iron golem and made it all the way to anal rodeo he is most definitely not a *****
By Anonymous
He didn't fall to his death, he decided to invade Hell because Anal Rodeo was too easy.
By Damnation87
1/24/19. For some reason the picture for Black Iron Leggings seems to be Shadow Leggings on this page. Anyways at +5 Black Iron Set offers 2nd highest Physical resist in game with 1st in Fire resist. Also offers some Curse resist.