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By Anonymous
this weapon is ****ing insane, look at the damage, you just need to spin it like 2 round and easy do like over 1000 damage easy, and its freaking fast, forget the highest damage weapon one hit, those took forever to wield, this is the true most damage weapon damage you can get in ds2
By Anonymous
The shredder
By Anonymous
Just got this weapon, new to the game, everyone told me it's the best weapon. I like it so far, but I think it's pretty stupid that it does not have dex scaling, given you need 20 dex to wield and one would think that it would take quite a bit of athletic dexterity to use. I like it, but in DS2 it seems that everything pushes you into a strength build in the end.That is not the case in the first or the third installment of this series. I'm just sayin
By Anonymous
Yeah same no dex bonus :/
By Anonymous
Yeah I never liked the jacked up stat requirements that end up with no scaling. Sure it's *realistic* you would need crazy good coordination to swing this thing in even a remotely dangerous way, but that doesn't translate very well into gameplay when there's no scaling w dex
By Anonymous
lol noob
By Anonymous
With this on my right hand my char runs like thanos :O (surprised pikachu face)
By Anonymous
soy face
By Anonymous
poggers moment
By Anonymous
I bet you have a bookcase full of Funko Pop figurines.
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By SlaveKnightKos
I used this thing to beat the game w/ the champion covenant and shred the DLC bosses (w/out the champion covenant). I used RoB+1 and Flynn's Ring for the extra damage. But I will say that the moveset sucks big time. The second two-handed R1 has 3 hit boxes, but usually I can only land 2 of them. Also the late game location makes it mostly only good for later game, DLC's, and NG+.
By Anonymous
Second R1 isnt meant to connect 3 times all the time, because 2 hits deal the same damage as first R1. Do you really expect to deal 1.5x damage with second R1 all the time? Dream on! At least, VS big badass enemies it indeed connects 3 times, and small weaklings die to 2 hits regardless.
By Anonymous
People that use this weapon in the dueling arena should be shot on sight.
By Anonymous
Oooooh, edgy
By Anonymous
Don't you love it when people use this buffed and R1 spam you to death then think they're hot ****?
C'mon man, it's like using an ice rapier and stone ring and calling R1 spam skill
Now get over here and get spear shanked
By Anonymous
Have you tried getting gud?casual I bet you gank at pontiff
By Anonymous
Just parry lol
By Anonymous
If it's in the game it's legit to use. Stop whining casul and git gud.
By Anonymous
Found you in the duels on ps4, my id is Chrysophylax_226, the char : Claudinho ET
By Anonymous
PS4 password: kos \0/
By Anonymous
Is there any reason why this twinblade in particular seems to have a substantially higher AR than the rest of it's class? Talking like 100-200 difference in attack damage
By Anonymous
Maybe because it’s strength based?
By Anonymous
Doesn't hit as many times
By Anonymous
It's heavier, attacks cost more stamina and are little bit slower. And second light attack connects 3 times only VS large enemies. And its strong attack deals even less damage than light one, despite being much slower and costing even more stamina.
By Anonymous
The durability is listed as 90 and that is definitely incorrect. It’s upwards of around 175 I do believe.. Huge difference.