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Somehow i cant complete this quest...
*She ignores you and continue bla bla...

then what?
Try to speak with another character
same here, can't complete
I play as an Elf and I can't complete this quest I talk then she completely ignores me
I play as an Elf and after I talk to her she completely ignores me. So incompletable for me
You can complete this quest as an elf if you have a non-elf party member. You just switch to that character by clicking their portrait, and then have them speak to her.
you must have human party member, she will not interact with any other race
Seems like another unfinished quest. Doubt picking up a quest from one person and finishing with the person standing right next to them is the intended design.
I don't see why they made this quest at all in this state since you can't go back to Fort Joy apparently and in order to be able to do it you would have to visit the village where they lived in and speak with Ermas Ghost. Problem is if you complete the quest Erma will not speak to you or even be tehre in teh first place, and if you don't finish it, the quest auto closes on leaving the area because you can't return. There's another problem with the Imprisoned Elf quest that completes on leaving the area when you are supposed to tell their tribesmen Sahila is in Fort Joy. I was unable to complete the quest. I reported this to Larian, maybe they will fix this because I honestly see no point in this.
Imprisoned Elf also bugged for me at the time. After freeing the elf I went back and talk to Saheila but didn't get any reward nor did the quest even updated. All this prior to the recent patches though. As for finding her tribesmen, that quest is seperated and is on the second map you'll go to. It's there where you'll encounter her mother and where you need to find Saheila again.
Fara won't let you help her if you are an elf. Talk to her with a non-elf character until she gives you a doll, and then talk to the guy with the same character so he tells you their daughter is dead. Now that you know it, convince Fara and the quest will be completed
I've noticed a couple graphics glitches that show the dark haired girl (beginning with W) at Griffs Kitchen walking to the mother when loading a save game after accepting the quest in front of her, but before talking to Jeth.

This makes me think that she is actually her daughter, and kidnapped by Griff, as she also fits the description but as yet I've yet to find dialogue options or interaction with the doll that can open the completion of the quest that way.
Actually, I think the daughter is "Coral" who is in a camp above the Hidden Cove.

Fara says in her conversation that Erma doesn't like lizards (if you speak to her as a lizard) and has fair hair and dark eyes. Coral has both of these and standing near her she sometimes say, "Mmm... mama." while she cries. Speaking to Coral can lead to her telling you that she misses her mama (and pa) and she doesn't like her Master who is a Lizard.

The npc near Coral is an Elf which is another race that Fara will not talk to you if you are one. Speaking to her as an Elf can lead to her telling you she is waiting for Magister Atusa. One conversation path says she found the child in the camp and that the child is hers now.

I'm still in the process of seeing if anything leads anywhere. Unfortunately most conversation paths lead to not being able to talk to someone again. So it's requiring a lot of reloads!
thats not correct at all the young girl says she hate lizards and that is because her parents were killed by them
Not only that, but Coral does not have black hair as mentioned by her mother.
If you fight the elf near Coral she will run away, might progress the quest? I already said she was dead