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I don't understand why we can't change the contros. I hate using wasd
wtf would you use
can you sneak
I seen sneaking in a video, one of the latest, I imagine it's clicking one of the sticks. Maybe update this map?
Crouch duh
the horse ridding on a pc is far too hard
Controller vertical axis inversion doesn't work on pc.
This game is a *****ing joke. I've only ever been on a *****ing horse twice, out of maybe 20 tries. Thanks for actually (not, I guess) putting in a difficulty changing option? Thought this would be enough to tide me over until Bannerlord actually releases, but this***** didn't last me 20 minutes. Glad I pirated this *******.
Aww, does poor baby need an easy difficulty?


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*Cough*GIT GUD*Cough*
Don't worry, Kingdom come already has a lot better modding than dark souls (Which I'm also sure was too hard for someone like you) Which means this game is bound to get an easy mode mod soon so that even kids like you can play :)



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awww, poor little baby
how do you clear a keybinding?
Ignore whinging idiots, this is far more immersive than any game I can think of. Skyrim is for toddlers by comparison.