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By FistMan
great starting class starts with fist
By Anonymous
Truly divine. DIVINE !
By Anonymous
rly disappointed we dnt start with a bonk stick
By Anonymous
Here's the catch with this stsrting class: vigor increases hp the most, but all other stats does do in a minor proportion each stat but in an important amount if put together. You re supposed to aim for upgrading all stats equally to take advantage of this extra health benefit that is quite important for a character that can't dodge well. With that in mind, your weapon of choice should be apt for a quality build that also retains a considerable amount of base damage once infused in mundane, wich would be axes, greatswords, maces and the like. Once you farm enough and set 30 points in every stat, difficulty drops hard.
By Anonymous
What xd You need 10 lvls of other stats to match one lvl in vigor, that is 20 HP. There is no hidden meta behind it. Its just a small boost that even at the very beginning of a game is hardly noticable.
By Anonymous
Dark Souls 1 gives you a club and a wooden shield probably because they realize how hard that game already is and how impossible it would be to beat it with no weapons to start.
By Anonymous
Lvl 6 in all stats, no weapon, minimum armor, no items, nothing... how mundane.
By Anonymous
its almost as if thats the point of the class.....
By Anonymous
This is for who want to Bonk hallows
By Anonymous
The Deprived is my spirit animal.
By Anonymous
"This is a class for advanced players" is always so funny to me. As if the classes mattered at all. And don't hit me with "no weapons or armour". Armour is useless and there is a dagger in the tutorial, making this class equal to the explorer.
By Anonymous
armor can save your life, the deprived will have to fight a few enemies before getting that dagger, and the deprived has no items at all.
By Anonymous
Probably not the best class if it's the first time someone plays a Dark Souls game and they might don't like to fail even harder than a normal class
By Anonymous
"making this class equal to the explorer."
That fact that you compare Deprived to the worst class speaks volumes