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I agree . is a very hard to find key.
I lost the black smith key when I died, is there any way to get it back?


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I believe you are thinking of lenigrast's key. Check again for it, you should not loose any items upon death.


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Unless through a bug or by moving to NG+, keys should never disappear from your inventory.
The dragon talon. If you bought the game like I did on the PS Store, in SoFS the ring is in the pit. Use the ladder merchants help with the ladders to get down to the 2nd level, drop down a bit to a slip ledge/door entrance and the Dragon Talon is in a chest there. I had to look it up on YouTube, myself.



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What is with found key lotation box?
we all know where these keys are.
what does it really mean?
I thinks it from back when they were building the wiki, they could data mine to find out how many keys there are and the names of the keys, but not the location of the keys.