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By Anonymous
when you finally unlock this ring, you can forget about all of your weapons
By Anonymous
The best ring ever made
By Anonymous
Ring of the true man
By Anonymous
Thank you for your continuous sacrifices, Rhoy and Gunther. Hey, everyone say thanks to Rhoy and Gunther too.

This ring really worth my 2 hours(or 3) farming those guys. Unlike the useless Slumber ring. 1000dmg back massage baby~ Really good damage without needing to do much, punched my way through the entire game.
By Anonymous
This ring + Havel's gauntlets = punching with solid rock with the damage to match
By Anonymous
it's a travesty that this was left out of ds3, hope they add something like it in elden ring
By Anonymous
You can "Two-Hand" your fists in Elden Ring, no requirements.
By Anonymous
yeah with dogshit damage
By Anonymous
This ring still works, even when it's broken. This can be useful for no bonfire runs if you don't have the weapons or repair powder.
By Anonymous
good luck getting it in no bonfire runs
By Anonymous
Power of muda and ora
By Anonymous
fist currently do 429 damage
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By EvilUnicornLord
The bonus unarmed damage applies to ladder warfare, by the way.