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why does the image at the right say "Bident +10"?
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its a boss weapon not a normal weapon you buy or find on a enemy. only normal weapons can go up that high. based on what weapon your using . if your using a weapon that upgrades with twilight tighting knight or petrified dragon bones it can only go up at 5. if you are using a weapon that upgrades with tighting knight shards it well upgrade to 10 please change it to bident +5

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>twilight tighting knight
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What it doesn't say is the weapon deals damage related to how far away the enemy is, poking it with the tip of the bident deals the most damage, being up against your target, with even maxed str and dex, only deals around 200 damage.
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By Sgx24
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All spears do that, so maybe thats why didn't mention it.
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This spear seems to work pretty good on the Fume Knight depending on what part of the spear hits him-was constantly chipping away 250-465 DMG at +5, 45 STR, & 40 DEX.
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your page would be way cooler and more readable if you changed this fkn black bg. cant even see the image of the weapon. i avoid your wiki precisely bc of its unreadablity and just stopped to post this.
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I do not get what you're talking about. The website works perfectly for me
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*****ing *, black background is the best. THE BEST.
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The frailty…of the weak… Disrupts the Dark…
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OPs eyes are broken and he’s too dumb to admit it
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there's a light background for a reason
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There are 3 wikis, one uses white background, just go to that one. Though actually you should visit all 3, because none of the wikis is complete. lol
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Too bad you cant like or upvote comments, this one is fing great

"The frailty…of the weak… Disrupts the Dark…"

Also white backgrounds are the worse ever. total eye killers
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The end of the bident actually is supposed to be a homage to the DS1 Gargoyle Halberd not the tail axe
By BarryOfTheBodhi
Seems to be a reference to the Lance of Longinus from Evangelion.
Followed by the Saint Bident in DS3.
By Anonymous
Because evangelion invented bidents
By Anonymous
A bident is a 2 pronged spear, not an anime invention.
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Evangelion might not have invented bidents, but the description clearly indicates that it's a reference to SOMETHING, and the resemblance is striking enough to make a connection. It's not like it's the first time dark souls has referenced anime, the working title for the chariot boss was Silver Chariot.
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Top two replies are boneheads, look up the weapon from Evangelion, then compare the two.
Longinus is the name of the Holy Lance that pierced Christ, featured in the story of the Holy Grail.
This is also referenced by Filianore's Divine Spear Monument.
By Anonymous
Evangelion didn't invent bidents, you're correct about that much, 30 Jan 2021.

But that distinctive helical transition to the bident blades was popularized and iconicized by the Lance of Longinus from Evangelion.
Such that just about anyone with a passing knowledge of anime and Japanese pop culture would probably recognize it as a nod to Eva.
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Counter damage here is incorrect; this page says 130 but it's actually 140 ingame.