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By Anonymous
This game is better than DS3 in every aspect except boss design.
By Anonymous
I like this game I think people hate on it just cuz it’s different.
By Anonymous
Game's lesson: do no trust woman.
By Anonymous
Bad game. You can't change weapons while climbing ladders.
By Anonymous
Why people replay this game so much?
By Anonymous
Probably because of brain damage.
By Anonymous
Abandon all hope ye who enter this comment section
By Anonymous
What is the ideal level to finish the game (including DLCs)?
By Anonymous
Soul level 1? Otherwise like 150 I guess (excluding DLCs tho :sob:)
By leoknight
unpopular opinion... this game is better than DS3: it doesnt force you to kill bosses or do things in a certain way. even with a melee build there is always multiple strategies. the level design is not well interconnected. and its supposed to be like that.. just like in a dreamlike plane.
By Anonymous
Extremely based take.
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By Marsawd
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Wildly cringe take. "It doesn't make sense because that's artistic freedom" lmfao, you can't be serious.
By Arkyn
Eu também gostaria de saber
By Anonymous
Translation:" I'd also like to know" (?)
By Anonymous
Alguém sabe como faço pra adicionar os troféus do ds2 softs já platinei o normal só que o softs não aparece
By Anonymous
Translation: Does anyone know how to add the ds2 softs trophies? I have platinum'd vanilla but softs does not appear
Translated by deepl because I can't speak Portuguese lol
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