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didnt really have that much fun but its alright
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I can't believe some people truly dislike this game, there are so many induvial aspects that go into making a good game few of them are not don't well in Dark Souls 2: Art Direction/Build Vaeirty/Boss And Enemy Variety/Challenges that relie on more than just reflexes requiring strategy/Lore/Music/Npcs/Pvp/Storytelling/Themes, etc. It comes together to create a game which is amazing in it's own right, unfairly compared to the game that came out prior: Dark Souls 1, and the game that succeeded it: Bloodborne. But I think it should be remembered for being a great game itself, and one that inspired all features Fromsoft Ware games; I fought Elden Ring would exist without 2
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Best souls 2
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Kill yourself
By Anonymous
No you no name worthless basement dweller
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Dark Souls 3 fans when their drunk and abusive dark souls 2 father manages to attack them through their i-frames (they immediately hate dark souls 2)
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Not funny
By Anonymous
Soulsborne community: Claims to like challenges and difficulty (to the point of developing an elitist superiority complex)

Also Soulsborne community: “Weeehhhh ds2 bad because I can’t time my rolls or block ):”
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freedom of speech was a mistake
By Anonymous
Good game but I find it marginally worse than the rest of the trilogy. Definitely good though and I imagine it would've been better if I didn't play SotFS.
By Anonymous
Dark Souls 2 is somewhat mediocre!
By Anonymous
game has an every enemy is doubled mod at all times
By Anonymous
Such a fun game when you don't got a b*tch in your ear telling you how much they hate it.
By Anonymous
This game is pretty unepic.
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