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By Anonymous
Why does this game have plataforming?
By Anonymous
Unfortunately yes.
By Anonymous
Is the camera on all souls games as bad as this one?
By Anonymous
Ds2 is a game defined by these things: Plastic Graphics, Clunky Animation, Eh Lore, Good Weapon Variety, Good Pvp Combat, Okay pvp balance, Bad Soul Memory, Bad Online Rewards, No full eye orbs, Okay Bosses, Okay'ish level design, and Creative Characters. The gameplay (pve and pvp) makes up for the other things. I'm sorry if this sounds negative, good game.
By Anonymous
Why no page for doors?
By Anonymous
"I wonder what the DS2 wiki comments are like!" wow, how... unique! i'd recommend all of ya to look at the cathartic spew below, once you reach in far enough, you'll see some good crap.
By Anonymous
What are the pros and cons of Dark Souls 2 being my first souls game?
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By Grim_Reaper
Main cons are the bad controlls, bad hit boxes, illogical level design (except DLCs), boring boss fights (except DLCs) and the complete random lore without an overarching story keeping it together. it's the strange cousin in the family. Worst thing happening is you might lose interest in Soulsborne. You are better off with Demons and Dark Souls as your first Souls game. I strongly suggest Dark Souls 3 then. It's the most polished game. That said DS2 can still be a fun experience. Just not the best example of the franchise.
By Anonymous
Thanks. Never heard of "bad controlls" in this game.
By Anonymous
The bad control comment is probably referring to the fact that they opted to essentially limit the left stick to 8-directional input only. It makes even mildly narrow ledges a nightmare. You will want to nudge your character left but instead you get straight... straight... straight... and then all of a sudden you juke hard left right off the ledge. It was a super bizarre choice.

If you play on PC there's a community-built tool that intercepts your joystick input and tweaks it for the game to give you something closer to natural movement.
By Anonymous
Pros of it being your 1st? If u like it you will love the rest of the serie. And if u don't like it you will like the other games(likely)
Con: no more adaptability :(
By MararStufos
My first dark souls game because it does not make my pc explode. I can't compare it to other games in the series but it was really awesome (except frigid outskirts). Can't wait to play other games in the series.
By Anonymous
Lack of offline mode makes it unplayable.
By Anonymous
But it has an offline mode.
By Anonymous
As long as you don't compare it to other souls games it's pretty fun. Playing it for the first time this year and I'm vibing with it. Now it does have it's fair share of flaws like the wacky hitboxes and adaptability being a thing but other than that it's decent.
7/10 probably the weakest of the main souls games but still pretty good. Definitely unfairly hated
By Anonymous
There are better games than Dark Souls 2 in my personal opinion, but if you like it I respect that!
By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
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By Anonymous
Memories broken the truth goes unspoken
By Anonymous
ive even forgoten my naaaammeeee!
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