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I keep accidentally skipping bosses I want to fight. I never found the gargoyles, and i had to explore everywhere in iron keep to find smelter demon. There are more i didn't skipped by accident. If you can reply on how to reach nearly hidden bosses such as that, it would be great.
Did you fight the chariot? before the skeleton lords?
I need help!! I can invade another players, but can't summon players in my world?
Maybe you joined the champions covenant? Can you summon npc phantom?
He joined company of champions
It's 2020 and people are still killing themselves in front of Majula to troll new players.
What weapons beside the rapier and mace can you break dark souls 2 with?
Raw saintier's spear, just buff it and watch the magic happen
Red iron winblade. Eats stamina but is a dps monster
Estoc and reinforced club
I'm trying to get master of Miracles trophy and I have all the Miracles I know I mean new game plus 4 and I still don't have the trophy please help


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Did you buy wrath of the gods? I usually miss that one myself
This game needs a remake. It's got great ideas but poor execution.