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Where did my torch go ?


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You have to collect more torches to prolong the lifespan timer of your torch. Many enemies drop them, and you can toggle at the bonfire to sit or light your torch.
I like this game :D Also have a good day, and don't forget to praise the sun \[T]/
dark souls 2 is the best game out of the soulsborne franchise
I'll drink to that bro, cheers!
It's probably the one I have the most hours in, and has the most non-grind stuff to do, but in terms of mechanics, i just gotta disagree
Many of its base mechanics are fundamentally broken in objective ways and MauLer's video "In Defense of Dark Souls 2: SOTFS" explains it best
fax but lets be real sekiro is better
There's three types of ds2 characters; the one that breaks the game with a rapier, the one that breaks the game with a mace, and the one that breaks the game with spells
There is also the person who uses powerstance whips, and wear shadow set with over 100 ADP.
Want to know an overpowered build? You need a scimater on the left hand, a rapier on the left and right hand. This way, you can alternate between: parry, thrust, and slash.
Is armor useless? I appear to take the same damage from the hollow enemies in forest of fallen giants using the tseldora set, and the vengral set with catarina helm.
Poise is king my guy, but I use the lion cape and velstadt armor interchangeably and take roughly the same damage despite a difference of roughly 200 phys.def, which is somewhere around 15-20% with diminishing returns. The big difference is that heavy armor makes it herd for enemies to interrupt your actions, from attacks to healing
Thank you my guy
Bro thats because the tseldora robes give you more souls
Somebody help me with burnt ivory king. I am SL125 and on pc, my characters' name is Niomeal.
still playing?
I just finished saving a frog knight for a total of 3 of them
If you actually want to help me, add me on discord. Keonzo-juro
Nevermind, I beat him with ice rapier + 5.
I hate entering CAPTCHA every time I want to open a new page on this wiki. Does it happen on all Fextralife websites or is this one special?
If you use a mundane dagger +10 at max SL, it does over 1k damage per stab, instant killing ANYTHING with a backstab or riposte.
Anyone playin' Forsen build? \[T]/ Praise the Sun!