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best DS game so far and awesome dreamlike landscapes ... if you cant kill the bosses easily with one or methods git good or play kirbys dreamland :P
Can anyone tell me why my ps3 DS2 SOTFS dont have heide knight on Heide tower ?
This game is fun people who complain about havent given it a fair chance when i first played the game i hated it but just like with ds1 i kept playing until i could roll sucsessfully and then i played the game for a week straight and beat it one of my favorite games now
Dark Souls 2 is a bad game, because it is hard.
Go play a different game if this is too hard for you. now be quiet and never return
Anyone else have game server issues yesterday? my region was affected and i think others might’ve had issues too
What boss gave you the hardest time on your first play through and why? For me it was the Ruin Sentinels, I tried to rush to the bottom floor and I didn't think about using the Cat Ring to counter the fall damage. And when I was down there all three would gank and tare me limb from limb. It was so satisfying when I finally beat them.
Ruin sentinels have killed me the most of of any boss in this game by about triple
The jailor boss? It’s a boss in a circular area and it’s dark as*****. It’s been a year or so since I bought the game.. still haven’t beaten him
Darklurker... lost 30+ effigies trying to take him out, still haven't
This game is hard to hate, but hard to really love too. It's one of the okay-est games I've played. Not bad, mind you, it just didn't click for me at least, but I don't dislike it. On one hand, the atmosphere is amazing, and it has a good soundtrack. The visual and audio design is pretty good, and it has some nice mechanics, like power stancing. It also has creative enemies, bosses, areas, and decent enough story. But, on the other hand, everything feels slow, clunky and forced. Then we have the bad mechanics, like hollowing, which ups the challenge, I get it, but finding a human effigy can be rather annoying at times, adaptability, I just don't see why you need to level up a stat to make rolling actually useful, and more. This game holds a special place in my heart for being the first dark souls game I played, but it most certainly wouldn't be what I consider a good game, but not bad at that.
Love this game, I cannot count how many times I've played through it. I also like to equip my character to look like Ainz Ooal Gown from Overlord!