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hey has anyone played furious frogs on arcademic skill builder. i'm a *****ing champ, the highest i ever got was a 50, but today was a des 48 so, dah some please try to invade me, dah i call my self jamesieboy every time so giver bui. PEACE BRAH! thats kind of my trade mark, PEACE BRAH!
Are you autistic?
f**king a right boi, PEACE BRAH!
i cant win is so hard di *****ing game i paid to much
Then git gud
git gud
if you have just's dark souls 2 without sotfs and it hard, then that's just stupid, because i here sotfs has somewhat more ghoul'lys than just dark souls 2, which is what i have. super easy, once you get the great sword you can rip though every boss, not even kidding. PEACE BRAH!
git experienced though long and*****ty losing. PEACE BRAH!
those who say “git gud” can leave this community. try and be an actual good player and not be toxic. my personal opinion: try a quality build with at least longbow and medium armor
adda steven123xza på Xbox
hey my hollow friends, anyone played the JOINTED, i feel like someone here would be good at it, or maybe i should go to the dark souls 3 wiki, probably will because i beat like four bosses in five hours with the Greatsword +2, smelter demon, old iron king, the scorpion chick, and the duffus headless snake queen b***h. well, PEACE BRAH!
dark souls 3 wiki had taken down my JOINTED thing. PEACE BRAH!
has anyone else been f**ked around by the great souls, when i killed the duke of fetja pet there was a red thing on the ground, i pick it up but didn't have time to read it because i was hoarded by spiders with less than 50% hp, then i swung Greatsword around. when i finally got to majula nothing change so i thought i did something wrough, which from there i ended up eating these great souls, still nothing changed. at this point i was freaking out because i will now have to get 1 million sm, or bonfire ascetics, and i can't get there boss weapons. but after a bit i figured out all you had to do is go to the shrine of winter and open the door. so now i'm wondering am i really missing out on the old ones boss weapons? PEACE BRAH!


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Yes. Until NG+
most of them don't have great weapons and you can do without them.
favorite souls soundtracks, mine is either abyss watchers or German from bloodborne.
I forgot to say whats yours.
im only sponge bob from vendrick, or whisle boy (sick animation) from the demon of song. PEACE BRAH!
Ruin sentinels
Mego's Wet Nurse
I'm on PS4 on SoTFS and I was wondering if anyone could help me boost a new character to SL 194. My PSN is NathanHawaii
Why SL 194? What do you need as a boosting?
DS2 and SoFTS are indeed fun. the only problem is that soul memory is used for online co-op and pvp and not SL. the good news, however, is the variety of gear new and old and the new hex spell class. Thumbs up for me! :)
The ONLY problem?? Dark Souls 2 HAS A LOT OF PROBLEMS, pal. Worst game ever!
Haters wasting their energy complaining again. I played all three Dark Souls games and enjoyed them all thoroughly.
Playing SoFTS offline unlocked content that made the game more challenging. I love the lore and easter eggs! Haters leave and go home!!!


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It is a good game, albeit a hard learning curve when it comes to attacking, blocking and rolling, you just have to “know when” you can and can’t perform certain actions... it took me 4 years before I beat the first boss, so yeah, it’s all about timing and watching your enemy’s move set. you can’t just gung ho it like you could in Majority of other games
If you don’t like it you don’t other than that it’s not your business
I like it for versatility. if you waste your energy complaining, then leave this community
It's admittedly flawed for sure, but don't accuse DS2 fans of being mentally ill because they said that they enjoyed the game, that's what a dumbass does, and you don't wanna be a dumbass, do you?