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well i feel like I'm the only one who plays this on ps4
I do but stumped at no mans wharf
I do as well but I was too blind to find the bird's nest past the pursuer for like 40h Ingame
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It’s a problem on your device. Clear your cache like it says on the announcement
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I think I missed something. How exactly is sitting on the throne of want related to rekindle the first flame? It has to be related because the Emerald Herald is talking about how sitting there will make flourish the land again... but where is the flame in that throne room? And wasn't sitting on that throne not just granting the "allseeing eye"? Where do I burn my body in that process of sitting on that thing?


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Sitting on the Throne of Want isn't related to lighting the Flame, despite what it may seem like from the Emerald Herald's dialogue. It's left to the player to decide if they have or have not they have linked the Flame, whether they took the Throne or not.
PvP and invading are dead. Rarely get invaded pretty much 1 invader per ng if you exclude the DLC cause that’s where people like to invade.
A lot of people don't seem to care for Dark Souls 2 but I honestly love it. DS2: Scholar of the First Sin might be my favorite souls game. It's super long, with a lot to do, and a ton of space to explore. Sure there are a few areas that might not be very well designed but overall it's a lot of fun.
its my favorite game
it's not a bad game by no means. what me really turns away isn't the 8 direction controle or the hitboxes either. It's just too different to 1 and 3. The name is its curse. Any other title and it would be fine.
avoid the toxic, disrespectful players and cyber bullies and the DS series will be pure once again.
Grumpy Cat: "I had fun once, then I played the Dark Souls series. I have never been the same since."


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Someone please invade me. I'm bored on vanilla. Like one duelist in the brotherhood arena.
hey friendos, seen my thing about crash team racers had been taken down, lot of upset fokes, so just here to say that i really enjoy dark souls 2, but haven't had the joy of playing the third on yet. this f**king add for maple story is full of just cheebie lolie, kind of hard to make fun of it. (DAH! SOMEONE PLEASE INVADE ME. DAH I'M BORED OF HAVING NO FRIENDS)sorry, couldn"t help myself. PEACE BRAH!