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I keep accidentally skipping bosses I want to fight. I never found the gargoyles, and i had to explore everywhere in iron keep to find smelter demon. There are more i didn't skipped by accident. If you can reply on how to reach nearly hidden bosses such as that, it would be great.
Did you fight the chariot? before the skeleton lords?
Gargoyles are at the Lost Fortress. There are some stairs right at the Servants Room (Also a bonfire right at that same room) that will take you right below such room. You will find a pursuer in there. Kill him, then activate the Pharros mechanism and a path should be revealed. There's the Bell Tower with the Gargoyles.
I need help!! I can invade another players, but can't summon players in my world?
Maybe you joined the champions covenant? Can you summon npc phantom?
He joined company of champions
It's 2020 and people are still killing themselves in front of Majula to troll new players.
What weapons beside the rapier and mace can you break dark souls 2 with?
Raw saintier's spear, just buff it and watch the magic happen
Red iron winblade. Eats stamina but is a dps monster
Estoc and reinforced club
your fists are op
mundane broken straight sword +0 on a 10 str 10 dex build
I'm trying to get master of Miracles trophy and I have all the Miracles I know I mean new game plus 4 and I still don't have the trophy please help


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Did you buy wrath of the gods? I usually miss that one myself
This game needs a remake. It's got great ideas but poor execution.
A total overhaul of the combat. just horrid.
I mean, the issue with the combat is that it's not balanced at all. Some stuff was heavily nerfed and becomes pretty much useless in a real combat scenario, such as any ranged weapon, agility is too limited, thus making dexterity builds suffer heavily overall. Plus there's a lot of weapons that are just horrible. They can't even hit a target 2 steps in front of you (Yes, looking at you Uchigatana and simillars)

But the game as it is, is pretty cool. The optimization is really well done, plus the game itself can be challenging, but never too unfair to become annoying if you play it right. Besides the Soul Level Matchmaking, everything else could be redone or revamped and this game would be sick af.
On some pages, there are no comments showing, and every time I try to post a comment the "comment could not be posted" message shows up. if this is a glitch, could it please be fixed? It's really annoying.
This would be the best souls game if soul memory matchmaking didn't exist
It prevents level 1 gods from invading noobs (unless they use agape ring)
The best way to describe the combat in this game is "slow motion bull$hit".
Try playing this after bloodborne. it's like a re-tarded monkey designed the hitboxes
The hitboxes are the size of the weapon sprite, gotta deal with it. Same goes for spells.



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Try playing 3

its like someone tryed to take Bloodborne's speed but show it down

the ds2 combat walks a beautiful line between semi realistic and story book exiting
I never had your problems with DS2.

PS I played DS1-3, Bloodborne.
its weird this community hates it when you trash ds2 yet on reddit whenever ds2's crappyness is brought up people get all defensive and say how all the other games are actually worse and ds2 is the reincarnation of ****ing Jesus himself
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