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By Anonymous
This Guy is pure evil. Not because he's hard but I was trying to force a spawn because I only needed the Sword from him to get the entire gear. I got him to invaded me at the gate that leads to the Giant Lord memory. I defeated him and rested at the bonfire only for my Game to have an error that crashed it. This Guy has the nerve to force an error in my PS4. I still got the Sword tho but this was just such a funny occurrence.
By Anonymous
Been warping around for hours trying various spawn points, to no avail. I just need the chest piece. Ugh.
By Anonymous
Do you need to be online for him to spawn?
By Anonymous
You do not.
By Anonymous
No body:
Forlorn: I'll fking invade again
By Anonymous
This guy is complete bull****. I swear he cancelled a backstab animation TWICE while it was in the middle, by rolling. I have never seen any other phantom do that. Only simple pummeling appears to work reliably.
By Anonymous
I remember some NPC backstabbing me and cancelling the animation somehow. It was a dagger backstab or smth and only the first hit registered, the second he/she canceled by rolling
By ConcernedCitizen
During my playthrough, I was invaded by Forlorn in every possible location they spawn. Scythe Forlorn in Eleum is the only one I ever died to -- SO much health and the attack tracking on the scythe is insanely accurate! Woof.
By Darkthor69
If get invaded and the Forlorn has the sword and I suicide/get killed and get invaded again in the same location.
Could the Forlorn have the scythe? or the equipment is picked only once and not for each invasion
If it can change:
Can the Forlorn that spawn with a 100% chance do that? (I have tried that and or I am unlucky or is impossible (i try like 20 times))
If it can not change:
What about burning ascetic?
Is there a location that has a 100% of Sythe that count for Straid?
Do I have to kill an X amount of Forlorn so they can spawn with Sythe?

I just want to buy Scythe of the Forlorn
By Anonymous
Greatsword version is a great practice dummy for parrying
By Anonymous
The fact that they're female in the game data is definitely non-canon. They are essentially meant to be a possessed suit of armor and have no gender. That means they should default to 'he'
By Anonymous
The lore supposedly says they don't have a corporeal form, so they must actually be just ghosts
By Anonymous
that would mean singular "they"
By Anonymous
Singular they is made up ******* for Propaganda. Go away
By Anonymous
This dude just inadvertently admitted to having never read book in their life.
By Anonymous
"Singular they is made up ******* for Propaganda." are you stupid? singular they is gender neutral, it doesn't mean they are non binary or some **** lmao.
By Anonymous
should be "it"
By Anonymous
Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to show you the dumbest argument on the internet...
By Anonymous
Historically, he, him, his, man, and men were gender neutral. But attempting to bring that will confuse most people. Our best option is to use 'they'
By Anonymous
Fun fact both the sword and scythe wielding variants are female!!
By Anonymous
Someone watched Zullie the Wiche's video.
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