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By Anonymous
Do you guys want me to take a good picture of Forlon so you can use it instead of whatever the fuk is that picture? xD
By Anonymous
How much HP he has and what is his weakness?
By Anonymous
>tfw you get them with a 500 dmg heavy hit but it's only 5% of their healthbar
By Anonymous
I hate these bastards so much. Always finds the time that is most inconvenient to invade
By Anonymous
i just want the armor.. he just invaded me once, trying to get him in all spots mentioned by this wiki and people commending but nope :<
By Anonymous
really, that was the best picture you could get of them?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Anyone else run into “witchoftheforlorn”? Not a person that invaded me but im very much convinced it’s an npc. Found in the fork bonfire shaded woods area in the misty woods area. Runs around with the sword and scythe, evil red eye effect.
By Anonymous
I just got invaded by them today, lol. But no, they're definitely a person. Showed up on Blue Sentinel and everything.
By Anonymous
Whoever says they don't respawn is lying. I've killed 6 over the time I've been farming Ironhearth, 2 in one Ascetic cycle
By Anonymous
Also they spawn in the room before Magerold too, not just the bridge
By Anonymous
Have had the Forlorn invade me in Earth Peak Central Bonfire, up the stairs, then up the ladder.
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