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By Anonymous
the REAL pursuer
By Anonymous
Who persues the persuers?
By Anonymous
Invaded by dark spirit Forlorn!
By Anonymous
Am I the only person who actually loves this enemy?
By Anonymous
Are you blind? Look at thr comments people really love them or just because they beat the **** out of them.
By Anonymous
if i got no one left i know forlorn got my back <3
By Anonymous
You aren't the only one. There's just a bunch of noisy casuals who got beaten up by these guys and ran to Fextra to cry about it.
By Anonymous
I actually kinda like this guy. Sure he has a ton of stamina and poise, but i think he still plays by the rules. He doesn't roll-cancel out of attacks like some phantoms do.
By Anonymous
Forlorn is female. Both the sword and scythe Variants.
By Anonymous
Forlorn is not female, its not even real. God damn gender Propaganda
By Anonymous
Spot the virgin.
By Anonymous
Sep 13 Anon you need to chill tf out asap. Forlorn is female, character model in the game for both the scythe and GS are female. It’s a fact at this point. “Gender Propaganda” ?? More like you’ve never had female interaction so now you hate females because they haven’t given you the attention you’ve wanted.
By Anonymous
Im gonna just say my opinion here and say forlornl's gender is terminator
By Anonymous
In SotFS for xb1 I got invaded by one in Drangliec Castle, in the second room. Just before the little room with the ladder that goes down toward the bonfire. Just sayin'...
By Anonymous
For some reason, I can't get the Scythe ones to invade at all. I've been to all their locations, and nothing. Is their spwn rate lower than the Greatsword ones?
By Anonymous
Try Drangleic Castle. I had 3 of them in a row invade me there. I went from the first castle bonfire backward. You'll know you are being invaded, if you see a smoke wall at the bottom of the stairs/bridge.
By Anonymous
for some reason this douche keeps invading me almost at any location everytime when i equip black knight ultra greatsword
By Anonymous
can they show up in the same area more than once?
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
I like hunting these things and killing them for sport, also the armor is a nice bonus
By Anonymous
Scholar of the First Sin edition, on Xbox - the Harvest Valley invasion of the Forlorn *did not* happen before the Covetous Demon's fog gate, but outside of the second bonfire (the bonfire after the gate that can only be opened via the lever above it).
By Anonymous
Scholar of the First Sin edition, on Xbox - an extra Iron Keep invasion from the Forlorn occurs before the bridge to Smelter Demon (Trigger Point: exiting the building with the ballista and Iron Key)
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