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Where are the spawn locations of Forlorn?
i found him just outside the undead purgatory by the fog door but i dunno
So far one is certainly to appear near the second bonfire in Huntsman's Copse after you cross the small bridge, another is encountered randomly in the Lost Bastille near the bonfire at McDuff's Workshop, and another random encounter near the first bonfire in Earthen Peak.
one raided me in shaded woods in area with spooky pots, right next to the pit with basilisks
Just found this fool in shulva
There seems to be one in Huntsman's Copse near the two scythe wielding guys.
I've experienced three Forlorn invasions thus far:

1. Huntsman's Copse- In the lower area across the bridge w/ the scythe-wielders.
2. Lost Bastille- Before crossing the bridge to Sinner's Rise.
3. Harvest Valley- In the small quarry just past the 2nd bonfire.
Forlorn just appeared for me in Lost Bastille, near where Lucatiel is stood past the Mummy who kicks the barrel down. I'm playing offline as well.
I've had Forlorn spawn at the exact same location.
You can almost guarantee a forlorn invasion traveling around the lost bastile while human. Where and when is the question.
He did that to me twice
Shaded Woods. I have a feeling that he spawns every t time in your current location
update so it says for the next gen and pc only
this mf invaded me in things betwixt
He just came to the lost bastille! He's on a rampage!


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Dear god
Got invaded by him in iron keep and drangleic castle. İ was just passed the first fire breathing statue at iron keep and exactly right after the first door of drangleic castle
I got invaded by one of these in Iron Keep. I wonder if it was NPC Forlorn or a player named Forlorn.
NPC since I had the same encounter and was offline
They seem able to invade even after the area boss is defeated. One showed up in harvest valley after defeating the covetous demon
There's two bosses there
They can invade even after the area boss(es) are dead, got invaded in The Forest of Giants when going for Giant souls