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I cant seem to connect to my friend online. We have the same passwords and everything but its just not working
Do you have a boss in the area?
I had the pleasure of playing with Tashki27 tonight. Great player, better teacher. If you ask for her help and she accepts, please listen to her words as she is direct and very on-point. She redirected me to my problem when I stayed where I was having issue. and then proceeded to game with me until 4 in the morning. If you have the chance, check out her YouTube channel Hidden Hakurei. For this experience I rate this player Nanbāwan no takuetsu-sei. Tashki27 you are awesome. Special thx to Crane. appreciate you coming in for the time you could.
i need help with cleric beast


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Tashki27 you rule. Thanks for all the help!
Level 91 looking for help in Defiled Chalice.. psn id is get_biks
Any help??
Looking someone for Ludwig, nick: Rohlis, lvl 167
Looking for someone around lvl 44 for Rom! User: dxboyz1
I can help User: TitoiGaming
If anyone needs help, whether gameplay or explanation hit me up on psn (R_e_m_a_s8), happy to help when I have time (unfortunately no DLC :C)
Anyone want to play co-op, please message me on psn. id: EllentheCat. I always like to help, and usually show up at weekend.