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By Anonymous
Yeah there aren't a huge amount of chunks in this game but remember you only need six for full upgrade and also - bonfire ascetics exist. Use ascetics at poison pool and grab the 3 chunks there for an easy farm. Way quicker and painless then farming Gyrm or the Coal Tar Snakes. 2 ascetics for another upgraded weapon is pretty good, especially compared to Twinkling/Petrified. You can also get pretty much infinite ascetics once you reach Drangleic Castle and do the Pilgrims of Dark areas, since the enemies there consistently drop ascetics. So honestly not bad, and pretty great compared to games like Bloodborne
By Anonymous
Unbearable amount to get. Have 12 slabs, 0 chunks, and maxed 3 weapons, no armor. Beat the base game and 1st dlc. Guess i'll dump more of my soul memory into buying them, because the farming is unbearable too. love dark souls 2.
By Anonymous
Farming and resources are really easy and abundant in this game. What are you talking about
By Anonymous
coal tar?
By Anonymous
black slime hand creatures inside of the oil pools
By Anonymous
Ascetics make grinding bearable.
By Anonymous
I have 8 titanite Slabs and 2 Chunks lol.
By Anonymous
Yep. Me too. 7 slabs. 1 chunk.
By Anonymous
Me too. Ds2 logic. 12 slabs, 0 chunks. I've upgraded only 3 weapons to max, and armors around 6-8 each. Pretty sure I need 20 more for everything, and I've beaten base game and 1st dlc, yet am expected to have 12 more maxed, lol.
By Anonymous
Wtf? How is that “ds2 logic” I regularly have like 60 of all types but like 10 or more slabs in this game. You just haven’t been consciously farming or buying these. Compare this to ds3 where souls and resources are painfully limited and finite
By Anonymous
It felt like I got more Slabs than I did titanite Chunks, while I did split my materials quite heavily across armor and weapons, it was only after beatimgmthe game (havent completed any DLC yet) and getting access to a unlimited supply of them that I was able to upgrade my armor past +6. Which is why I did that to begin with.

For whatever reason it felt like titanite Slabs were more common than titanite Chunks. Which doesn't make sense to me.
By PineappleofDoom
Same here. I was struggling to get chunks compared to slabs, of which I had 6 by the end game, very weird thing to happen, Chunks are kinda a pain to get as well.
By Anonymous
31 titanite slabs on my character right now, 7 titanite chunks.
By Anonymous
Same here. No shortage of slabs, only a handful of chunks. I get the impression their rarity is meant to curb optimum equipment upgrades until NG+.
By Anonymous
Only if you could grind them up from titanite slabs, like feeding titanite to Frampt in DS1.
By Anonymous
they are more common, easy to farm (stone soldiers), and only one is used per weapon. It is too bad we cannot use slab instead of chunk for 6->9
By Anonymous
It’s not rare at all. You can farm these incredibly fast and easily and late game you buy infinite of them. Also most blacksmiths sell infinite
By Anonymous
You are able to get a +10 weapon before even killing a boss in this game (pick petrified something gift and hope for a slab), get a +3 like normal without issue, get cat ring and go to the gutter and hard farm Coal Tar's for the 6 large shards for +6, get the 1 chunk from shaded woods by getting fragrent branch from gutter to gain access to there and farm the remaining 5 painfully from Coal Tar's, congrats, you have now gotten a +10 weapon with literally 0 boss deaths in your game. now have fun as you'll also have RTSR from shaded woods too and are probably around level 50+ from farming, let the killing spree commence.
By Anonymous
You don't even need the petrified something for a slab. You can get it with a lockstone in the FotFG.
By Anonymous
choose your weapon (or armor ) carefully...
the laddle would not help you.
the mace and longsword are both decent option in basic pve and pvp, but do not help that much against bosses

with only one boss killed, you can have the greatsword, for some fun overkills.
(or 0 boss killes, but crossing part of a difficult zone, the claymore)
By Anonymous
What is RTSR?
By Anonymous
Red Tearstone Ring
By Anonymous
Bell Keeper's covenant can also allow for good titanite chunk, slab , twinkling titanite or petrified dragon bone farming.
By Anonymous
me when game is dead
By Anonymous
me when Bell Keeper's covenant
By Anonymous
8 years ago maybe.
By Anonymous
I've had one drop from the Flexile Sentry in Sinner's Rise in SofFS. Not sure what the drop rate is, though.
By Anonymous
I had one drop there also on the first kill, made my day. Unfortunately the next 11 kills gave me nothing, so % can't be too high.