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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

how do you use the alterna on xbox one
I missed the tutorial screen for this. I can't find the controls or a tutorial for it anywhere.
I'm in the same boat :( Anyone?
You hold rb and y until he starts charging. then just release
Can I use Alterna on some higher level daemons? I'm on the final quest and am feeling SUPER underleveled against some of these mini bosses... I used it once but it didn't absorb the monster
Pretty sure the effect is centered on the target not on noctis.
How i use it on ps4?
R1 and circle. you also have to be close to, or surround by an enemy and it will pop up on the left side.
Target plus hold triangle
Broken garbage that doesn't even work
The spell works on nearly all enemies, although it losses effectiveness for more difficult enemies. When using the spell on difficult or larger enemies the spell often misses, notified by the (MISS) prompt instead of damage. The spell will still instantly kill the enemy with a few casts, I think it's based on a certain percentage, possibly having to do with the enemies size.
How to cast the spell in control panel B.
Best on adamantoise lol takes a few tries or a few castles but it nukes him.