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These are cross-posted comments on a wiki page. You can visit the page here.  Read Wiki Page

Why is there no summon/raise dead? I'm pretty sure necromancers have nothing to do with blood and curses and everything to do with death. Necro = death, mancer = master of.
The game is still on development process. Perhaps they will add it later
According to our history ( Source: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Necromancy ) Necromancy is the art of summoning the spirits of the dead, either as a means of divination or as a weapon.
In fantasy games, this is often interpritated as the summoning and/or animation of living corpses or spirits.
However sometimes, developers choose to interpredate it as the manipulation of mortal energies, often including the beforementioned summoning and/or animation.
How the developers ultimately choose to interpredate things we'll see. I do trust that it'll make perfect sense in the world of Rivelon.
Otherwise we have mods, right?
The -mancy suffix refers to divination. Not mastery. :)

So necro-mancy is death-divination.

When you get pricks like John Edwards who prey on the bereaved by pretending to be able to talk to the spirits of their departed loved ones? Those people are pretending to be necromancers in the original sense of the term.
Using a necromancer as a summoning class as per Diablo II has probably been superseded by the inclusion of the Summoner skill in DOS2.

But like the other say: I believe that the wiki in its current state only shows what was in game prior to launch. Post-launch, once enough internet pedants have had a chance to play the game, then they'll start updating the wiki. :)

- An Internet Pedant
when I first saw Necromancy in context of DoS - I was quite sure they allow us to "craft" sceletons. Or summon few sceletons. Ot ghosts. Or anything related to "necro" part. But instead they just use fancy word, but completely waste skill tree. Imho.
This is not a necromancer, it's more of a blood-mage. Where's the skeletons, zombies and the ability to raise the fallen?
Agreed. This lack of proper necromancy may mean a no-buy for me.
"This is not a necromancer, it's more of a blood-mage."
Judging by the spells I'd say it's kinda half and half.
i think it's not all ability what we have in game just some of them what will founded already.
Why are there so few skills in each specialization? What happened to higher tiers/ranks?
the guide isn't complete.
Guys tell me, the undead necromancer gets damage from a swarm of mosquitoes. If you believe in the description, then yes, about how it is not logical.
Still works normally, can confirm it heals undead as well.
A lot of these skill are underwhelming compared to other skill trees
Once you flesh sacrifice, all your spells cost 1AP less. U would also need to have 5-10 levels in warfare and intel as your main attribute to buff the damage.
eg. flesh sac + mosq swarm + decayingT + rain blood + bloodsucker + restoration is a huge, huge burst of damage for a 5AP turn.
Is there any good combo builds for this class, having no real Elemental damage I can only really combined spells with the blood surfaces same way I would with water
i'm going poly/necromancer myself, living on the edge + forced exchange would let you swap your 1% hp with whatever hp they have, then shackles of pain and they won't be able to touch you without dying
Personally I can't wait to try an undead retribution/necro /warfare build. Death knight with plenty of life steal