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OMG I'm speechless... My head is spinning. Did you make the graphs yourself? I'm trying to wrap my head around this but it looks like absolutely remarkable work. Amazing!
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wow really good man. Although I dont really understand the diagram
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Please be aware folks that stacking item discovery may hinder your ability to gain items . Let me explain with a basic example.

In Harvest Valley, Undead Steelworkers have three possible drops:
titanite Shards with a probability of 20
Small Smooth and Silky Stones with a probability of 3
And Mundane Stones with a probability of 1

titanite Shards have the highest probability and therefore drop the most often and without item discovery gear at that. The other two are rare and VERY rare. What does this mean? The more item discovery gear you use pushes the probability for you to get a common drop DOWN while just slightly increasing the probability of getting that ultra rare drop. What this actually translates into (using these guys as an example) is if you go full on item discovery gear on these guys your chances of getting items will drop dramatically because now your gear is aiming specifically for thoses rare items, bypassing the common titanite drop.. meaning the ultra rare drops remain ultra rare, but by aiming for THEM you miss the common drops. So if you were farming for titanite with full gear on these guys you'd spend hours frustrated and occassionally getting a mundane stone and a few smooth and silkies. Take the gear off and bingo, watch how often they drop. So I think it's HIGHLY important to understand the drop rates of the SPECIFIC ITEM you are farming for so you can use the appropriate DEGREE of upping your item discovery to get the drop yoy WANT.

Another great example are the Loyce Souls. I, and many people have found that they are more commonly dropped if you go for simply a jester hat alone, rather than full on gear. Again, it *may* be because the loyce soul has a higher drop probability than the charred loyce pieces so overusing item gear might bypass it. Speculation here, but definitely based on observation.
A better academic analysis than my college paper.
Dude, Awesome work.

You have done the Master Race proud !


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Is there any information on Bosses being effected by clearing all the enemies in a level? For instance; if I go through Iron Passage a multiple times so that there are no longer any enemies between the bonfire and the Smelter Demon, would this change the fight at all?
Although the tables make it look terrible, the Dragonrider Bow is actually great in terms of pulling aggro or sniping enemies that can't reach you when you have a build that uses minimal Dex, like a UGS warrior. It's available super early and has great Str scaling, it's only hampered by the fact that it uses dragon bones to upgrade, but if you don't plan on using other boss weapons early on, you can consider upgrading it to deal even more damage when pulling aggro.