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By Anonymous
Honestly, the first time I came here I had used all my smelter wedge during progressionand found myself againstthe Fume Knight that could regenerate all his health all the time.. The moment I realised he was simply invincible and I had to go back to look everywhere to find some others... Man itwas infuriating, this entire map's desisng is so confusing and labyrinthinc and just the thought of having to go back to look for the 4 last that where somewhere different was enough to make me leave this DLC and go do the others

I then came back later and did it, but yeah.. The smelter wedges are a **** (and totally useless) mechanic that would leave the game better off without them
By Anonymous
Why is DS2 SoTFS game design so broken? I used my smelter wedges while progressing through the DLC, and now I will have to fight against a boss that kills me in 2 attacks and has an unlimited stock if healing unless he is lured to a specific area of the arena? This is just boring, unnecessarily hard just like the whole game. At least we got DS3, a true Dark Souls game after this one hahaha
By Anonymous
U mean Fume Knight? Just use ur smelter wedges and kill all Idols. Hes not healing after that. Actually the DLCs Bosses where the best part of DS2. Just git gud mate.
By Anonymous
You missed the 4 other smelter wedges later in the level dude. Look up the guide on where to get the other 4. You should have more than enough to kill all the ladies.