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By Anonymous
This just sucks. The fastest way to him is still HORRIBLE. Also the first ting Nito did to me RIGHT after the cut scene was slam his sword into me because somehow it seems he screamed during the cutscene x.x And following this guide here has just been...horrible. It should've pressured at the last bonfine to get a divine weapon if melee, cause I stood no chance with the skeletons swarming me. Gotta warp now, farm souls (UGH), upgrade a weapon to divine and improve it to fight with it, and then do that super annoying way again from the last bonfire to Nito. Just feels stupid.
By Anonymous
Cool boss—awful fight, seriously. bosses that spam other enemies (ONES THAT YOU CAN NOT KILL NORMALLY) is poor boss design, they don’t add anything special to the fight and make it more tedious and asinine. I’m fight the skeletons more than nitro who himself in not difficult. They’re just thrown in there with zero balancing.
By Anonymous
If you're already bringing pyromancies, iron flesh can go a ways to letting you tank some skeleton hits as you whittle down nito.
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