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I apparently have real ***** luck, he hit me with that grab attack 2 times in a row, back to back attacks, luckily I had enough health to survive both but yeah at the time I was thinking 'rarely used my ***'


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cool story bruh
His skeletons are more of a danger than he is. Easy solution for a melee build is equip Havels Shield and when the fight starts just start strafing him. If you stay close enough he should use the poison cloud AoE attack every 20-30 seconds; killing all the skeletons allowing you 10 seconds or so to go Ham on him. Using the Havels Shield the AoE attack took maybe 20 health with minimal toxic buildup, and removed having to focus on the other skeletons entirely.
His OST is probably the scariest OST i've ever listened to audio wise.
What original sound tracks did you find scary in a visual or tactile way?
Guess you've never heard "my heaven" from the original Solent hill.
I dunno other than the scream during his fight I find pinwheel’s theme scarier (too bad it’s over in 3 seconds)
Who are the 4 lordsouls??



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Nito (Tomb of Giants), Bed of Chaos (Lost Izalith), Seath the Scaleless (Crystal Cave), and the Four Kings (new londo ruins)
Other guy is wrong. Seath and Four Kings only have lord soul shards. The actual four lord souls are Witch Izalith, Nito, Gwyn and the Furtive Pygmy


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Gravelord Nito, yeah more like Grave-BORED Nito. Sorry for the disrespect but I just don't like this fight.heres some reason why. 1.) the first time you ever enter this fight, instinct might dictate you towards the back of the room....... BIG mistake. You get **** by skeletons giants and skeletons. Though I think this is a somewhat cool and unique design forcing characters to develop a strategy to defeat Nito in the confined space of the first "room" ( per say) that you fall down into. I think that this shouldn't take health though. 2) I do love the awesome design of Nito himself. First of the undead. Giant ball and legs made of skeletons, nice. And overall the fight mechanics. he is seriously easy to dodge. And by date I have never been grabbed by him. I like the screaming sword out of the ground thing, but can quite easily be rolled out of though.
You can't unless you have low encumbrance



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Just owned him in NG+ with a Fire Scythe+10 and a Divine Washing Pole +10 for his little skeleton minions. Didn't move from where you land, killed his skeletons, then just used a Crest Shield +5 to block the magic attacks, then used the Fire Scythe two handed. Fight lasted maybe a minute.
Sadly he is pathetically easy once you start using this method... I wish they just made Nito manageable while maintaining some semblance of difficulty, not to mention dignity.
Chao Fireball did little damage with him being supposedly weak to fire......
Bruh, I just 4-shot him with it. put on the ring and dusk crown, along with power within, and boom. over a thousand damage per chaos ball.
gg2ez bkgs+5 and at least 50 str
Same lel
idk just stand right in front of him, his melee attacks won't even connect most of the time. The only difficult part are the skeletons, which he will kill off himself with his "Death Wave". Pretty nice guy