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By Anonymous
when would i need to come back?
By Anonymous
I came back after I cleared Blighttown.
By Anonymous
to get a rusty ring
By Anonymous
For round 2 on your mom
By Anonymous
Oh shoot, I accidentally dislike this comment instead of hitting reply

Anyways there is a doll and a ring in there that are unobtainable unless you come back for a second round

The doll gives you access to this games painted world and the 4ing allows you to run no4mally in water and the sort
Also another demon boss is available yo fight and he drops a titanite slab
By Anonymous
What is that item on the destroyed staircase leading from the undead knight?
By Anonymous
I believe its the rusted iron ring. The one that lets you roll/walk through deeper water with no problem.
By Anonymous
Right at the start, before the first bonfire... i always hear the "death sound" while the stray deamon is stomping around. Any thoughts about that? At first i thought it was Oscar from falling down... but he is still alive when you first met him. Cant explain this to myself
By Anonymous
How do you return here?
By Anonymous
You have to go to the crow's nest in Firelink Shrine and wait, it takes a bit of climbing the Firelink ruins to get there and if you haven't already used the route there should be one or two items guiding your way.
By Anonymous
I came back to find the rusted iron ring. It would have been great if someone mentioned the Stray Demon that you randomly drop into.
By Anonymous
So this might sound obvious to a lot of players but I just discovered that doing that roll/jump to revisit the asylum is a lot easier fat rolling than it is fast rolling.
By Anonymous
Can someone help me with this problem I am stuck at the asylum the boulder is in the room with Oscar and the wall is not destroyed i killed the asylum demon too so yeah he has the key
By ArmoredJarvis
There's actually a 'glitch' that might destroy the wall, if you quit out game and save next to wall to break, it should blow a hole upon reloading. Speedrun era tend to use this truck in certain areas.
By Anonymous
And I am on new game +
By Anonymous
Big deal?
By Anonymous
Big deal!
By Anonymous
Fantastic tutorial