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I have the teleport gloves. Where is Gawin now?
If you complete his quest he ditches you... A problem for anyone wanting areotheurge spells
Possibly the most pointless betrayal ever in a video game. Makes sense from a gameplay perspective but the writing doesn't explain why he would rather make an enemy out of you than teleport you and go your separate ways or better yet stick with you for protection (you just managed to kill 3 wizard crocodiles after all). Horrible writing in my opinion.
If you teleport him to the beach below he will go into the cave and then you will find his body in the room with the boss with the meat golems and get some quite good stuff off his corpse (as long as you have not killed the boss first)
How long will I have to wait for an opportunity to find/craft/buy aerotheurge skill books after Gawin dies during his quest? Or should I just wait to complete his quest until after I've bought all his aero books?


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Depending on the speed on which you play and how soon you did this quest, I'd say it's about 3-5 hours of gameplay between. You can ofc head straight to the next town to buy it after your escape the fort, if you know where to go and shorten that time considerably.


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If you talk to her with an elf party member, (before you tell her that her daughter is dead), it will open up more dialog. Note: you can only talk to her with the elf a couple times before she will ignore you.
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After comlete the quest with teleportation Gawin on the other side, later i find him on the battle with magisters, we fight together and after battle without a word he goes away to the wood, but i kill him
If you managed to fight along side him at the peer he will continue running into the wood, you will likely find him dead at the spot where the big ol voidwoken appears.
Some devs are definetly stupid to screw you over for completing his stupid quest the first time. Now I cant buy the spells I want for a while just because troll devs. Get fired!
Except there's an aero salesman within another hour of gameplay anyway?
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