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Be careful! A strong attack with a heavy weapon can and most likely WILL one-shot chests!
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if you cant 1 shot the mimic stay away from it after attacking, it has a 360 degree grab attack which will most likely kill you
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My advise would strike it with a weak or unused light weapon (such as a dagger or shortsword). It's possible to tell it's a mimic as soon as a health bar pops up above the chest without needing to look at the mimic directly. You can also work with some distance as well so a whip can also prove useful for them. However, large weapons like ultra greatswords might lead to high vulnerability against mimics. Be advised if you ever face them with large/heavy weaponry if it is not a one-hit kill attack.
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mimics are hella stinky! they also don't smoke weed
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not true i just got done smokin a jimmy with one and it gave me a coin
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Careful when attacking these as they open. Even if you're behind them if you're close enough you'll be grabbed. It catches me off guard every time I come back to this game.
By Anonymous
Killed one in the gutter and the items dropped a floor underneath where I couldn't get them. Guess I'm going without the full dark set until ng+
By Anonymous
Same, was so mad too b/c it was a summon that killed it, I had Lloyds Talismans so I could have done it without killing.
By Anonymous
You can get on the floor below, it's just a pain. Go through the hole in the corner slowhy snd you can land on the back part towards the back wall, away from the direction of the mimic.
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There's a metal mimic chest in the brightstone cove which is not written here. You get to it from falling in the well from the first bonfire.
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That's the one listed that drops staff of wisdom.
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By ldbeth
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Using a weapon with 0 damage (usually a broken no scaling/raw weapon) won't aggro the mimic, however mimic won't deflect attacks like a real metal chest.
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I use to be a mimic. Good times. I always thought that there should be bonfire Mimics... that would cause some chaos for sure.
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That would destroy the sense of safety and homeliness the bonfires provide. Theyre supposed to be a respite from the chaos, having mimic bonfires wouldn't allow to player to relax.
By Anonymous
@01 Nov 2020

Maybe in the short term but the sense of safety they provide is mainly after you've lit them.
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@02 Nov 2020 Mimic chest's destroy the sense of accomplishment you get from receiving an item after the trials of the game. Doesn't that sound like a stupid take lol? Mimic bonfire is an awesome idea.