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1 + 1 = Zwei
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eins zwei, drei, vier, fünf, sechs, sieben, acht, neun, zehn
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Overall one of the best PvE weapons. Very easy to get, the running 2hR1 and standing 2hR2 will stagger even very large enemies, including Gwyn himself. Classic weapon.
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Zwei is a Quality weapon. Very good one. Chaos/Light is ok when you are running with 16 Str and 10 Dex. But if you want get real damage make it to +15 Regular and invest some points into Str and Dex.
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points in what? i'll never level up that ****
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"Generally seen as low tier in more competitive PvP [...]"

Whoever wrote this has absolutely no clue about the real strength of a Zwei. It has the ability to easily stunlock you, especially when your opponent mess up with the positioning or with a failed parry attempt. Some people are trying to roll bs you, because the weapon is slow? Just lock off your target and simply swing it in the opposite direction you are currently facing. Boom stunlocked 99.9%.

Make sure that you don't infuse the Zwei with Chaos, because the split damage won't give you enough power, when you manage to stunlock your target. Just run a normal Quality Build with 27 Strength and 45 Dex as this weapon is a natural Quality weapon, which gives you around 612 Damage, which is also around 10% more damage than the Murakumo. The only reason why the Murakumo was so popular is simply because people could cheat with dead angles, which are now gone. Running a Quality Build with 45 Dex gives you the opportunity to fast cast with your Pyromancy Flame, giving you the true combo kick + flame.

The Meme build (Giant Dad) makes this weapon look bad. But in the right hands, the Zwei is truly a powerful weapon.
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first of all the zwei is actually good in PvP but for none of the reasons you just said. the stunlocking doesn't matter because of toggles existence. only fast weapons have actual stunlocks. the roll bs is still favorable even if u r1 and change direction. if you hit an r1 you are going to get backstabbed if the player is decent. it takes an insane amount of finesse to hit a safe r1 against skilled players. this weapon excels at being a backstab stick. big damage low weight low stat requirement and still 2 shots with chaos infusion with backstabs. the 2h rolling r1 is a great option and the jumping attack is good for corner chugs. and hitting the weapon into a wall is always optimal. for abusing standstill.
second the murakumo was partially used because of dead angles and ghost strikes. but mainly because of how fast the end lag is. start up is slow and the end lag is super fast. the murakumo also 2 shot backstabs and has an amazing 1h running attack. and dead angling was actually healthy for the game if u played advanced players try Harding you would see why. shields are absolutely broken + they are really boring.
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The problem about PvP is the Server Lag, which can be really crucial especially when you play against the Zwei. This means, even the best player in the world can easily be stunlocked or backstabbed by this weapon. But I think that the Zwei is often times used by noobs for many reasons. The best overall build might be a 45 Dex Pyro build with a fast, but still hard hitting weapon (Katana or Claymore for example) or a full backstab build with Hornet RIng, which is super super lame.
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Vinheim Dragon School, question form final year's exam:

You are lone sorcerer with Moonlight Greatsword as your main weapon. Enemy with high magic protection stands in your way. What do you do?
A) Charge and die with honor on battlefield.
B) Teleport out or run away as fast as you can.
C) Keep distance and use your strongest spells to defeat enemy.
D) Switch to Chaos/Lighting/Fire Zweihander and turn enemy into pancake with R2.
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I am on my way to get mlg. This weapon is only choice for the journey. So fking true
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If Seath can't survive my Soul Spears, I doubt whatever else is in my way is going to.
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If you have at least 16 STR and 10 DEX (but don't tell anyone you leveled that up) it's always handy to keep Chaos Zweihander +5 in inventory. You don't have to use it all the time but there are many slow AI enemies that are weak against fire and best tactic to fight them is keeping them stunlocked to interupt their every attack. This is the moment where chaoshander kicks in. Low requirements, devastating poise damage and decent physical and fire damage on top. Lightning path is also great for this.
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This thing is an absolute poise-destroyer, the two-handed R2s pancake almost everything and any most things that don't get pancaked, usually get stunned, the R2 is surprisingly fast for an attack of its power although it does less damage than the R2s of the others in its class the superior speed and ridiculous poise damage more than make up for that shortcoming, It's capable of stunlocking things with its R2s that even the Dragon Tooth, Great Club or most great hammers wouldn't be capable of stunning, hell I somehow pancaked goddamn Havel of all people with it once, make no mistake, even ignoring the memes this weapon is insanely good for how early you can get it
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The Legend Never Dies, Casul Scrub
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lightning infused because i want to kindle all bonfires save solaire not have to go in the laval also chaos +5 with 10 humanity only deal 27 more damages than the lightning infused and lightning is stronger in PVP.
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Ah the beautiful and mighty Zweihander, Pancake-maker extraordinaire
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