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using this weapon is just like sex feels good to use
By Anonymous
So true, there's few things more gratifying than pancaking multiple foes with a single well-timed and positioned two-handed heavy attack from this weapon
By Anonymous
"Acceptable early game weapon" As if this thing isn't an absolute beast that arguably triviliazes most of the game as soon as you get it and steadily keep upgrading it, Almost as if the person who wrote the info part died to a giant dad one too many times and is salty about it
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By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Is there any where to get a 2nd one in game besides NG+? I have a +15 one but want to make a chaos one as well, guess I need to go to NG+
By Anonymous
Having someone drop it for you. Are you playing original or remastered? I could probably do it if the latter.
By Anonymous
It should be Zweihänder and not Zweihander

- A German

I'm probably also one of the only people that knows how to pronounce it.
By Anonymous
I think it goes "Z-why-hander" but that's just how I've heard it pronounced
By Anonymous
@person above me, it's actually Z-vye-hander
By Anonymous
You and the rest of Germany?
By Anonymous
''An acceptable early weapon''

By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Power up the B A S S C A N N O N
By Anonymous
Aah you were at my side all along. My true mentor. My guiding Moonlight... Sorry wrong game
By Anonymous
Auch ein sehr gutes Spiel
By Anonymous
Actually made this game too easy for me. Killed artorias on the third try with just a +10 and knight armor
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