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By Minuslee
You'll hit the strength softcap with 27 if you 2hand. From there you can continue to 40str or you can stay at 27 and invest into dex.

27str/23dex will have less 1handed damage but higher 2handed damage.
By Anonymous
Im new to souls games and currently on my first playthrough. Is there any reason to uprade this to Normal +15? All the other uprades seem to do more damage, for example; lightning +5 does 650, fire +10 does 624, Chaos +5 without humanity does 560 (looked it on MugenMonkey planner) and Normal +15 just does 532 having 40 strenght while the other ones don't need stats at all. Is there a mechanic that Im not aware of? Like maybe most enemies resist those elements reducing your damage a lot?
By Anonymous
Pine resins and weapon buffs spells can't be applied unless it stays as a normal +15. Plus the strength scaling is better if it stays normal. I also hear that split weapon damage isn't ideal (not sure why though)
By Minuslee
Split damage isn't good, it has to go through more defenses that pure physical doesn't. You use those other upgrades when you play as a mage.
By Anonymous
Love that FromSoft put one of the best weapons in the game available in the first hour of the game, how nice of them :)
By Anonymous
*You invaded the world of GiantDadWannabe#1698*
R1 R1 R1 R1 R1 R1
Chug attempt
Target destroyed
Returning with newfound humanity
You were indicted

And thats 2023 geez. Pvp - not even once
By Anonymous
Yeah people get mad when they lose and abuse the indictment book
By Anonymous
activate the BASS CANNON
By Anonymous
By Anonymous
Dude, that's why you don't tell anyone you leveled that!
By Anonymous
Summary of the Zweihander's two-handed moveset
R1: **** everyone around me and in this room
R2: **** you in particular
Running R1: **** you in particular but faster
Plunging attack: Falling meteor of **** You
By Anonymous
So true XD
By Anonymous
Thanks bro
By Anonymous
went to ng+ just to dual wield this thing i dont even care if its bad idea
By Anonymous
It's called the two-hander, but they didn't say they had to be on one sword
By Anonymous
Making someone violently and immediately become part of the floor with this beautiful thing never gets old
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