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How do you know about the existence of this ring if its not on the game?
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It's part of "cut content" that is in the game files but not available to play with
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it may have been in the files of the game you could look that stuff up on the computer but not consoles
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It might be in the games code


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It is, yes. This is one of several unused items that aren't available in-game but can be found by accessing the game's code.

Most unused items don't have their effects or stats programmed in, making them useless even if you could somehow get them.
its most likely in the games code and hackers could probably put it on there characters,
Yes, but since nothing else is programmed but the image, it won't do anything.
i think it may have made some of your armour invisible like helmet-chestplate or gauntlets-leggings
it made you look like a red phantom
You literally get this one by not using bonfires
thats the Illusory Ring of the Exalted
Honestly the Ring of Guilty and Ring of Vengeful looks so much cooler then the Ring of Conqueror and Ring of Exalted, why couldn't Ring of Guilty be For Armor and Ring of Vengeful be for Weapon? The coloring are way cooler then the current rings.
The colours of the 2 rings hint at how you unlock them so I imagine the 2 cut ones wouldve been pvp related given the red and blue being close to the red and blue of phantoms