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Work really good
Killing the three micro-boars in Majula 13 times triggers the 2 regular boars to spawn in their place. Likewise, killing the regular boars 13 times makes a mega-boar spawn there instead.
The mega-boar can only be killed once.
Yes. Needs to be added. If I had known, I wouldn't have spent ten to fifteen minutes grinding thethe piglets thinking that it'd be worth it.
does joining covenant of champions change that?
Unfortunately it doesn't.



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what about ascetics?
Thanks this is useful
acho melhor toda a galera que compra o jogo na STEAM e nos CONSOLES pedir pra BANDAI FROMSOFTWARE fazer uma atualização do game e coloca pra gata que fica em MAJULA vender o RED ORB INFINITO dessa forma vai ser muito melhor e o modo ONLINE do game vai esta vivo novamente.

I think better all a gal that buys the game in STEAM and in the CONSOLES ask BANDAI FROMSOFTWARE to make an update of the game and put to the cat that stay in MAJULA to sell the RED ORB INFINITO this form is much better and the ONLINE mode of the game will be alive again.
More Englis less espanol?
He says: "I guess that everyone who purchase the game in Steam and Consoles ask for Bandai Fromsoftware to do a patch and put the Majula´s cat to sell Cracked Red Eye Orb unlimited, in that way will be much better, and multiplayer will be alive again"
It is Brazilian Portuguese not Spanish my "gringo" friend :v
Long live Google translate
anon says hi