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Once you enter the Centipede Demon's area run to the right, the first time I entered it stayed in the lava pool and hit with its (ranged?) attacks. It will follow you to the right where it will come on land. You'll also be able to pick up the green titanite and prepare any pyromancies (flash sweat) or buff your weapon before it gets there. You get the ring after cutting off a head similar to a hydra; if you want to- run back to where you entered to equip it. Stay close to the boss during the fight and most of the attacks will miss you. I used an un-buffed Uchi +10 and got bleed damage twice making the fight a lot easier
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Relative noob here - progressing through my first productive play through I didn’t know you couldn’t warp out of painted world. Is it the same with the AOTA locations? Can you warp back to Firelink for instance? Want to do some grinding and upgrading before I set foot on that path! Thx!
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You can warp back if you have the lordvessel and the ability to transport yourself between fires, if not, you can fini*****, it is no really hard.
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i am ready to face the two gargoyles on the question is, how do you make your charcter human. i want to use the knight to help me but i cant summon him because i am not human. i dont understand what must be done. i only know you need humanity please help. jim
By Anonymous
First, check The number in the top left corner of your screen. That’s the amount of humanity you currently possess. If it’s 0. Go to your inventory and scroll down until you see humanity item. Use the item then sit at bonfire. You can now select the option to reverse hollowing and become human.
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I'm sure you're past them and this by now but a few tips: Humanity is used to return your humanity as well as kindle bonfires. Kindling a bonfire increases the amount of held Estus Flasks from said bonfire by 5. You can hold up to 20 Estus shots. It's best to kindle every fire once and then depending on distance from the next bonfire or boss encounter, kindle to 20.
For becoming human, you are now also subject to be invaded. This will be an annoyance while you're looking for phantoms to summon. Early on, Humanity is rare to find or costly to buy IF a shopkeeper sells (usually 10k souls.) So since you're heading towards the Depths, it should be noted that the amount of humanity used acts as a Luck Boost for item discovery maxing use at 10 so best not to use more than that. Rats are among the few enemies that will specifically drop Humanity as loot. Figure out the paths from the Depths bonfire to the boss area and simply farm back and forth in that area.
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You can get the master key from the merchant under the bridge at firelink, it’s not exclusive to the starting gifts.
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True but rather pointless if the only way to get this key is to ring both bells of awakening and he moves to Firelink Shrine . By the time you meet him here , the Master Key becomes essentially useless unless you want to free Big Hat Logan as early as possible without getting the Cage Key after the Sen's Fortress bonfire , and even then you might need the Cage Key to unlock a Cage Elevator that does not open with the Master Key which takes you from the top of Sens' Fortress to the start of the area
By morion87
Very noob question. But is doing Darkroot Garden near the end of the game worthwhile? Am trying to avoid the Sif fight as long as possible (I love dogs so much that it hurts to know it's not possible to avoid the fight).

Or will that make certain things impossible if I wait too long?
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You need the ring he drops for the 4 Kings
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why does this have so many dislikes lmao play the game in whatever order you want
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Where is archmage Yasmeet?
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