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i think i remember reading somewhere that it also effects resins and stuff?
Not possible to get +2 offline
That's what cheat engine is for boi
omg that's stupid. it's not like getting it offline is going to ruin anyone else's fun.
sooo what if I play online do the other npc invaders count?
I think this affects the AOE spells too (random lighting,, fire pillars, dark circle) In pvp I swear it lasted longer than normal.
Won't it affect Resplendent Life, or any other heal/time spell?
Can someone dupe it and drop it for me? Any Soul memory is fine. I'm on PS4
Seriously.. I legit feel my brain take damage whenever I consider decisions made in this game. like who in their right mind went oh, you know what would be the most solid effing move, let's make a +2ring worth 1k invasions huehuehuehue and the rest of the devs be like yup i see no flaws in that whatsoever. Like y thou, has anyone fr ever even gotten that through legit means? At this point you are just asking for your players to cheese the game, Meanwhile you have a linger ring that surprise surprise, doesn't pair with linger flame... cause big brain dev go "nah onLee wePpIn bUfF & dUrAtIoN sPeLl" as if that's not also a duration base spell... with the SAME DANG NAME... straight up ruining dark souls ffs at that point just throw the whole game away why dont you
bruh it’s one ring calm down lmao


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I've obtained the ring on 4 different characters, legitly. So yes. Some of us actually grind it out. If you enjoy PvP, 1000 phantoms isn't really all that daunting.
Easily farmed by standing on the iron keep bridge for 4.3 seconds
+2 is definitely not worth it. 1000 invaders!?!? are you kidding me From? Even saying 100 invaders would border on insane but 1000 is just ludicrous. If you really need that extra spell time pair the +1 with piece(s) of the northwarder set and you'll be fine.